The Difference of Gaming Preference Between Men and Women in Gambling Online

For over the last few years, gambling was the game for men but now, women also join the same game and many experts think that women are slightly better then men in gambling online in terms of bankroll management. However, when it comes to the game, both men and women have different choices. Of course, it is all because they have different purposes to gamble but money is number one for them so they must win the game to feel the benefits of this activity.

What Kind of Games Women Love in Gambling Online?

According to the research, Bingo is the most popular game to choose for women and around 60% of women play this game instead of men. It is because women tend to love luck-based games instead of the strategy-based games that will make them think for every move on the game. Men have more experience in gambling online or offline and most of them don’t want to choose something easy like that because the chance to win is so little. It means, they will go for the strategy-based games to win.

Actually, sports betting online catch the attention of women too and most of them also choose this game because there are more women love some kinds of sport. Around 40% of women said that they made the wagers on sports betting instead of playing casino games. Though in sports betting players still have to think and make the strategy, gamblers don’t need to play this game directly and they literally bet on the chosen game or match. Sports betting give the chance to guess and win more times.

Sports betting are also appealing for women though men still dominate this game with more than 50% of men choose and play in sports betting. Most of them play sports betting because actually, they are sports fans. That is why, men still dominate the sports games especially football as the most favorite game. What makes it interesting is there are more millennial who gamble sports betting online than elders but to prevent the problem gamblers, gambling online site can be accessed when you are at least 18 or more to gamble safely.

What Kind of Games Men Love in Gambling Online?

Women who are between 18 and 34 love gambling online so much. According to the Australian study in 2018, it found that women in millennial ages were considered choosing slot games because slot machines were too tempting. Based on the same study, they also favored wagering on sports such as horse racing. It is because those games have the lower risk. Though they might spend more money on it, women believe that those games have the lower lever of the risk compared to others.

After talking about women in gambling, what about men? They are dominating the games so much and they still think that gambling is the game for men, not for women. They can prove it through the game preference. Men tend to choose games of skill especially with the lower house edge so they can win so much and get the highest amount of money. Those kinds of game will make men to demonstrate and also practice their strategy after thinking for the moves and their skill to win them.

Men also like sports betting so much especially the big game and in UK, sports betting have been the legal games and those are regulated so well for decades. In UK, sports betting may be the popular games and also the most played there instead of other games. According to the survey, there were around 73% of men said they prefer to wager on sports while the rest of them around 27% choose other games beside sports. Men in the lower percentage go for the games like poker and roulette.

Roulette is the less favored game by women but more men play this game especially the high rollers. There are only 19% of women that choose Roulette as their main game though Roulette is basically one of the chance games women love. It is because there are many players will play this game with the higher bets and it makes them hard to compete since women think more about their money and bankroll management than men. However, you don’t need to see the percentage when you want to play gambling online because you can choose the game based on your heart.